How do I spawn a car?

Press F1 - Vehicle spawner

How to I customize my car?

Press F1 - Vehicle Options - Mod Menu

Can I play on the steeringwheel server?

We do no longer have a steeringwheel server.

I am stuck on the loadingscreen

If it is your 1st time joining you may be downloading assets, the time it takes to join will depend on your internet download speed. Please wait 10-15 minutes before following the step below:
Press F8 and type “quit”
After that you can try to connect to the server again
If this does not work for you please try clearing your cache

How do I report somebody?

Use /report in-game, or open a ticket in our Discord.

How do I spawn a vehicle/car, change weather, modify car, and save cars?

F1 menu contains all of it.

How do I modify camber/tune/camera?

F7 for camber and tune, and F11 for camera options.

Why does FiveM say my client is invalid

You need to close FiveM and open steam then relaunch FiveM.